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found themselves assailed by resentful, vindictive
Let us note that these revolts of the Have-nots
throughout the ages have sometimes been very
destructive, but that invariably they have failed
to make any fundamental change in this old,
old story of getting and not getting the upper
hand.   Sometimes the Have-nots have frightened
or otherwise moved the Haves to more decent
behaviour.    Often the Have-nots have found a
Champion who has ridden to power on their
wrongs.     Then  the  ricks  were burnt  or  the
chateaux.   The aristocrats were guillotined and
their heads carried on exemplary pikes.    Such
storms passed and when they passed, there for
all practical purposes was the old order returning
again;   new  people but the old inequalities.
Returning inevitably, with only slight variations
in appearance and phraseology, under the condi-
tion of a non-collective social order.
The point to note is that in the unplanned
scramble of human life through the centuries of
the horse-and-foot period, these incessantly recur-
ring outbreaks of the losers against the winners
have never once produced any permanent
amelioration of the common lot, or greatly
i changed the features of the human community.
Not once.